Sunday, March 28, 2010

The American Teenager

It's been a long time since I have posted something. I realize this. It does not mean that I don't think of Buddy Bands/Life connections daily, if not hourly. I have just been too lazy to write about them, or maybe too selfish to share them. Either way, here we go again.

Have you ever noticed the wide breadth of activities that the Saved by the Bell gang participated in (and also happened to excel)? I saw the "Zack Attack" episode the other day (the episode that taught me that when you are in a recording studio, it is necessary to put your hand over one ear when you sing) and started making a mental list of their combined extracurricular categories.


  • The Five Aces - This was a 50s style a Capella group, complete with poodle skirts (Tori era)
  • Zack Attack - Garage band turned famous (in Zack's dream). Jessie is mysteriously missing in this episode.
  • Zack and Kelly's breakup - Jessie and Slater sing a face to face version of "How am I Supposed to Live Without You" by the ever talented Michael Bolton while Kelly and Zack break up outside. Tear.
  • Glee Club: Three words: Violet, bum, bum.
  • Hot Sundae: The girl group of Kelly, Jessie and Kelly that puts together the hottest music video ever (see below). Side note: in elementary school three girls did a reenactment of this video for the school talent show. I was so jealous I didn't think of doing it.


  • Hot Sundae: See "singing"
  • Swan Pond: The gang's ballet that they guys join so that Zack can get enough credit to graduate. Quiz: Pete let Zack have his spot because he had extra credits from another class. What class was that?
  • Dance off at The Max: "The Sprain" anyone? And how about those Spandex Twins?

  • Slater: Football, Wrestling, Track
  • Zack: Basketball, Track
  • The girls: Swim team, modeling (same episode), cheerleading
  • Kelly: Volleyball
  • Screech: Chess


  • Snow White and the Seven Dorks: aka the episode where Zack and Jessie have feelings for each other...scandalous!
  • A Christmas Carol: Palisades Mall production sponsored by Moody's Store for Men

Other Misc. Activities:

  • Yearbook
  • Student Council
  • Fashion Club - the Fashion Club produced the Buddy Bands!
  • Radio Station DJ's
  • Teen Counseling - "Teen Line, this is Nitro"
  • Beauty Pageants - Miss Bayside and Miss Liberty
  • Academic Quiz Bowl - this episode game in handy when at a recent party someone referenced the inventor of basketball, and I was able to nonchalantly add, "Oh, you mean James Naysmith?"
What have I forgotten??

As you can see, these were no ordinary teenagers. Their talents and achievements go far beyond what the average high schooler is capable of. And that is why, my friends, I revere them so highly. They are the American Dream.

Friends Forever,

AC Slater

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