Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Stop the drilling! Stop the oil!

This post is waaay overdue. This BP oil spill business is out of control. And yesterday another oil spill very close to home.  And now Eric's secretary is in a coma. What's with this? Nevertheless, this sensitive topic of course makes me think of SBTB. We all remember the Oil Spill episode. The gang "adopts" pets from the school's pond and care for them in their science class. Zack becomes particularly attached to a duck he names Becky. (Coincidentally Becky is also Mr. Belding's wife's name..hmmm?). One beautiful afternoon, Slater saunters into the locker room covered in oil. What happened? They were doing some work on the football field and they struck oil!  At first, the gang is thrilled, imagining a "Better Bayside" where money is no object and the teachers wait on the students. Jessie and Kelly are the only ones against it, chaining themselves to a giant oil derrick (where did they get that?) and chanting, "Stop the drilling! Stop the oil!".  A nerd named Franklin also joins in with his own original cheer, "Stop the shouting, give me a kiss!".  But do they listen to the ever-protesting, tree-hugger Jessie? Noooo.

Zack, Mr. B and Becky the Duck pre-oil spill

Inevitably during the drilling, an "accident" happens covering all the precious animals in oil. Now the gang can see the real danger in all this oil business. Not only is the wildlife in danger, but the school campus will be littered with unsightly oil derricks. Zack comes through and saves the day with a dramatic presentation for the school board, complete with squirting oil on the shirt of the oil company representative. Lo and behold, he saves Bayside once again!  The episode ends with everyone participating in the group high five that was later featuring in the opening credits.

"She's where the oil can't hurt her now"

The moral of the story is that we need to get Jessie Spano down to the Gulf Coast to rally the troops in a  rousing cheer of "Stop the drilling! Stop the oil!". That should solve everything.

Friends Forever,

AC Slater

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Thursday, July 8, 2010

I missed him...

I found out tonight that Mark-Paul aka Zack Morris was at a local watering hole last night...I cannot believe I missed it and even worse that he didn't call me! I mean, didn't he read this post where I specifically said "call me!"??  Apparently I need to be on Twitter to find out about these things so I am signing up immediately. I will just call it blog research.

Tweet you later!

Friends Forever,
AC Slater

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Which Saved by the Bell Chick are you? Fourth of July Edition

In honor of our county's independence, here is a little holiday weekend quiz for you:

Answer the following:

What does the Fourth of July mean to you?:

A.  A day we celebrate our country, well, technically not our country, we stole it from the Indians....
B.  Life, liberty and 50% off at all major department stores
C.  Family, fun and fireworks, that's the Fourth
D.  A day when we remember how our fore-fathers fought for something so precious: Freedom

Scroll down to see which character you are!

(Fireworks for Zack and Stacy's first kiss)

If you answered A: You are Jessie Spano! You are tend to dress as Lady Liberty on Independence day, you love woman's rights, and you are slightly neurotic.

If you answered B: You are Lisa Turtle! Always the fashion maven, you spend your summers watching your friends work while relaxing and charging things to your parent's tab. 

If you answered C: You are Stacy Carosi! You are living in Malibu with a New York accent, you have a hard outer shell, but a soft spot for "surfer dudes".

If you answered D: You are Kelly Kapowski! The all-American girl,  you are a hard worker, but know how to have fun too, especially on the volleyball court.

So, which SBTB chick are you? Leave a comment and let me know!

I hope you enjoyed this holiday quiz.  Have a safe and happy Fourth of July!

Friends Forever,
AC Slater