Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The serious stuff

My friend was telling me about a funny (maybe not funny haha) thing that happened in her kickboxing class. Apparently there was a very thin looking woman in the class that my friend immediately pegged as obsessive about working out - almost to the point of being a problem. It became comical though when the woman began doing every move in the class double time and then during the water break, started running laps around the room instead of replenishing her fluids like everyone else. Just picturing this made me chuckle, but also sad for this woman who might need help.

This reminded me of a Full House episode entitled "Shape Up". The quirky neighbor girl and DJ's bff, Kimmy Gibler, is throwing herself a surprise pool party (and it's a boy/girl party!) DJ is horrified at the thought of wearing a swimsuit in front of her peers. She decides to crash diet. She tapes magazine cutouts of models on the fridge and eats ice Popsicles as treats. Then the whole Tanner clan decides to take a trip to the gym. DJ gets on a machine and starts sweating it out. (In the meantime, the guys go to an aerobic class - too funny. Watch this episode for some great 90s leotards. PS - why did women wear thong leotards with tights underneath - comfortable? Very doubtful). Back to DJ. She passes out on the eliptical because she hasn't been eating. Cue sappy music, it's time for a life lesson. Aunt Becky teaches her that losing weight and feeling good about yourself doesn't mean starving. The episode ends with the signature hug.

You can watch a clip of this heartfelt episode here.

Why don't we have shows with lessons anymore? Is there a current show that seriously ends each episode with the background music and the lesson learned? The only one I can think of is the reality show "Run's House" on MTV. Reverand Run (Joseph Simmons of Run DMC) sits in a bubble bath and types up/narrates his life lesson on his Blackberry at the end of each episode. Is the Simmons family the modern day Tanners?

Friends Forever,

AC Slater

Monday, September 28, 2009

We have lasers!

I stumbled across this blog and I cannot stop laughing about it! Do you remember how for school pictures, Josten's would let you choose a background? I would always beg to get one, but I can't remember if I ever did. I will have to check with my mom. This site is an ode to the "laser" background -- school pics that people submit with said background.

I am sure that DJ and Stephanie Tanner had their picture taken with this background.

I am so submitting mine if I find one. You should too! For now, enjoy the site!

Friends Forever,

AC Slater

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Gem Diamond

A funny thing happened to me the other day. I dropped my car off for a brake inspection at a well known national franchise brake repair shop. After they called me with the diagnosis and the $280 estimate, I said I would think about it and I went to pick my car up. As I am getting my keys back, the employee behind the counter takes a shady glance around and then leans in and tells me in a hushed voice that he can fix my brakes for $100 and slips me a paper with his name and number. Sketchy!

As I drove away it reminding me of the SBTB class ring episode (1992). This is one of the "Tori" episodes.

**Side note - ever notice how they all graduate, then magically they are back in high school for a few episodes where Kelly and Jesse are missing and Tori is there? I think Peter Engel tried to pull a fast one on us. For SBTB fans, this is known as "The Tori Paradox".**

Anyway, Zack once again screws things up by buying the class rings from a cheeseball in a puce colored suit named Gem Diamond. The cheap and fake rings turn everyone's fingers green. But boy do those kids get revenge on old Gem. They convince Screech to dress up as a ninja and scare him off. Works every time.

If I do decide to call my shady car buddy, I will definitely be bringing Ninja Screech with me.

Friends Forever,
AC Slater

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Stansbury Material

I was indulging myself by reading US Weekly when I came across a snippet listing celebrity's SAT scores. I was shocked and awed to find out that that prick with the flesh colored beard, Spencer Pratt, had claimed he scored a 1490. I find this very hard to believe, but I thought to myself, "Well, you still didn't beat Zack Morris!"

As you all know, Zack scored a 1502 on the SAT, deeming him "Stansbury material". If you aren't sure what Stansbury is, it's the Harvard of the west, naturally. I remember watching this episode long before I took the SATs myself, tucking each of the gang's scores in the back of my mind for future comparisons. When the time came for me to take the dreaded test, there I sat nervously with my #2 pencils, trying to calm myself by recalling this episode. When I got my scores, I was dumbfounded to realize that not only had I scored lower than Zack, but the only person I scored higher than was Slater!! Even that airhead Kelly did better than me. It didn't make me feel any better when Kelly, trying to explain Zack's unbelievable high score says, "The SAT measures how smart you are, not how hard you study". I say bologna. I demand a retake for all of us!

Friends Forever,
AC Slater

Thursday, September 10, 2009

The milkman, the paperboy, the evening tv....

I am heading to San Fransisco tomorrow for a friend's wedding. I really, really want to see the house they showed on every Full House episode! Do you think the locals get sick of people asking them where it is? What do you do when you get there? Here's what I would do.

1. Moment of silence
2. Sing the theme song
3. Ponder the thought, "whatever happened to predictability?"
4. Look around for a face of somebody who needs me
5. Take several pictures
6. Tell everyone I know that I saw the Full House house
7. Cross another one off the life list!

These guys found it, why can't I?

While I'm in San Fran I hope to catch an episode of Wake Up San Fransisco too!

Friends forever,
AC Slater

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


So I was thinking about filling in some of the fields on my Facebook profile page (activities, interests, etc.) and it made me think of something Lisa Turtle once said. In the episode where they make the video yearbooks ("The Video Yearbook", 1992), she says, and I quote "My hobbies include dating, guys, and dating guys!" Hilarious. I thought about writing this on my Facebook profile under "interests" as a sort of joke, but thought better of it when I thought of the wide range of "friends" I have on Facebook, and that there would be 4, maybe 5 people who would get this. I refrained.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Car Wars

So I know I am supposed to be focusing on Saved by the Bell (SBTB from here on forward), but I was recently reminded of a Family Matters episode called "Car Wars" (1993). You might remember this as the episode when Laura Winslow wants to buy a car. She goes to a skeazy used car lot and finda that the salesman is trying to rip her off, just because she is a girl. The nerve! Laura decides to do an experiment. She disguises herself as a man (not very convincingly) and has Steve Urkel, who we all know is oh so manly, give her lessons on how to walk and talk like a man. What do you know; the salesman give her a better deal as a guy!

Check out a excerpt from this (hilarious) episode here.

Anyways, I was stopping in at a few dealerships last week to get some info and I thought of this episode. What if I tried the same experiment? Went in as myself, then later came in dressed and a man and then compared the info I was given. I wonder how much gender roles have changed since 1993. I'll let you know.

Friends Forever!

AC Slater


Welcome to Buddy Bands (hey, they work!). This blog is for those of us who were raised on Saved by the Bell, Full House, Family Matters, and the like. Has something ever happened to you and you suddenly think, "this is just like the time Jesse Spano overdosed on caffeine pills and missed singing with Hot Sundae at the Max!"? Well, I have. This is a place for me to share those times with you. Though Saved by the Bell is my area of expertise, I have a soft spot for other similar sitcoms, and might find a life incident that relates to post here.

I hope you enjoy it!

Friends Forever!
AC Slater