Thursday, July 1, 2010

Which Saved by the Bell Chick are you? Fourth of July Edition

In honor of our county's independence, here is a little holiday weekend quiz for you:

Answer the following:

What does the Fourth of July mean to you?:

A.  A day we celebrate our country, well, technically not our country, we stole it from the Indians....
B.  Life, liberty and 50% off at all major department stores
C.  Family, fun and fireworks, that's the Fourth
D.  A day when we remember how our fore-fathers fought for something so precious: Freedom

Scroll down to see which character you are!

(Fireworks for Zack and Stacy's first kiss)

If you answered A: You are Jessie Spano! You are tend to dress as Lady Liberty on Independence day, you love woman's rights, and you are slightly neurotic.

If you answered B: You are Lisa Turtle! Always the fashion maven, you spend your summers watching your friends work while relaxing and charging things to your parent's tab. 

If you answered C: You are Stacy Carosi! You are living in Malibu with a New York accent, you have a hard outer shell, but a soft spot for "surfer dudes".

If you answered D: You are Kelly Kapowski! The all-American girl,  you are a hard worker, but know how to have fun too, especially on the volleyball court.

So, which SBTB chick are you? Leave a comment and let me know!

I hope you enjoyed this holiday quiz.  Have a safe and happy Fourth of July!

Friends Forever,
AC Slater


  1. are not carosi! you're kelly, the all american girl!
    i think i'd have to pick kelly, too...though i'm the all american-asian girl.

  2. I love a good bargain! "The Lisa Card, don't leave home WITH it!"

  3. I am also Stacy Carosi! Go East Coast!!!!