Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Murder Mystery

As the sole member of the planning committee at my day job, it is my responsibility to plan our annual office Christmas party. Rather than our usual party (dinner and idle chit chat), I thought we should shake things up a bit, so I hired a murder mystery company to come and perform. During the course of the evening there will be a murder. Appetizing, right? It will be our job as the audience to decipher the clues to solve the mystery. I was of course inspired by the Saved by the Bell episode when the cast goes away on a Murder Mystery Weekend.

"Lucky Lisa" wins the murder mystery weekend through a radio contest. (Apparently radio contests were popular - remember the Hawaii contest?) Upon arriving, the gang is informed that the first person to solve the mystery will win the oh so coveted $500 prize. During the course of the weekend, classic comedy and suspense abounds. Screech dresses up like Sherlock Holmes, Zack and Slater hit on the french maid, and lightening strikes at all the appropriate times. Things get a little out of hand when spooky and unsuspected things start happening. Mr. Jameson, the British sounding gentleman in charge of it all, calls off the game for fear of everyone's safety. In the end, it is of course Zack who figures out that "the game never stopped" and wins the prize money. And wouldn't you know it, Lisa was in on it the whole time! We all know she doesn't need the money anyway.

I will be at a great advantage over my co-workers in having seen this episode many, many times. Here's how:

-I will watch to make sure no one steals my necklace when the lights go out
-I will check for secret passageways by pulling on candlesticks on the wall
-I will know that the "game never stops"
-I be sure not to wear lipstick so that I don't leave it on the glass of my mango tonic with a kiwi twist.

Let's hope that the actors have accents and are super dramatic. Maybe Zack will even make an appearance??

I'm a little scared because it just dawned on me that I am now perhaps starting to purposely trying to make my life like SBTB...

I'll let you know how it turns out.

**Update! The party was amazing and so much fun! Unfortunately, even with all my advantages, I still did not figure out the mystery. Maybe I drank too many mango tonics? Or maybe it's because I was too paranoid about someone stealing my necklace.

Friends Forever,

AC Slater

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