Monday, October 12, 2009

Baby corn

I feel like I have been talking about Full House a lot, but I never realized how much life really relates to it!

Recently, my friends gathered for dinner to celebrate a birthday. One friend, we'll call her Sally, gave the birthday girl a card and said to read it and pass it around because she wanted everyone to read it. After bday girl read it, a huge grin came over her face and tears welled up in her eyes as she hugged Sally. We all knew what the card said without having to read it. Obviously, it was signed, "Sally, Joe, and baby". Sally does not currently have a baby so the card was explaining that she was pregnant! Yay! Squealing and hugging ensued. Congrats Sally!

This got me thinking of the creative ways people announce their pregnancy. Remember how Rebecca told Jesse that she was pregnant? I do. And it still cracks me up. In the episode called "Rock the Cradle" (1991), Rebecca plans a romantic, themed meal of baby corn, baby shrimp, and baby back ribs. She asks Jesse to guess what the theme is. His guess is finger foods, which is also true, but not the creative theme Rebecca had planned. She doesn't end up telling him the news at dinner, because Jesse is too excited about his new band gig. The episode just gets funnier when Rebecca tries to reveal the news through a family game of pictionary. She draws a hunk of cheese, a 1/2 symbol, an ink well, and a baby. This translates to "She's having a baby". They don't make comedy like this anymore, folks!

Anyone have a creative way that they shared exciting news?

Friends Forever,
AC Slater

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  1. i pretended to drift away in a jiffy pop helium balloon and after everybody searched for me for hours i came out of the attic and exclaimed, "i'm not missing, but i'm pregnant."