Monday, October 26, 2009

Where are they now?

In the past week, I have randomly come upon information on the goings on of a few of our favorite child stars.

First, you probably heard that Dustin Diamond (Screech) wrote a tell-all book about the behind the scenes drama on the set of Saved by the Bell. I read about his book, titled Behind the Bell in US Weekly (10/5 edition). Apparently in the book, Diamond shares vague details about drug use and off-screen hookups. Even if these allegations are true, who cares? I know I like to think that the SBTB characters are real people, they are actors, so why does it matter what they did in their spare time? This is just Diamond's lame attempt at making money since his career went nowhere fast. Before this he tried standup comedy, released an adult tape, went bankrupt, and appeared on several seasons of Celebrity Fit Club. Dustin, if you are reading this, Screech was a loser and so are you!

It seems that everyone has a book these days. Jodie Sweetin (she played my fav character Stephanie Judith Tanner on Full House), just released her autobiography called unSweetined. Cute little Jodie couldn't hack the grown up life of a child star -- she has an addiction to Crystal Meth, then lied all about her rehab. Some of the excerpts I have read are quite shocking - she apparently drove while under the influence with her child in the car! As Stephanie would say, how rude! Jodie, if you are reading this, get your life in order, I am routing for you!

(I will for sure be reading both of these gems)

In other news, Elizabeth Berkley (Jesse Spano), has launched a new website and initiative - Finally, someone doing something worthwhile! Elizabeth is all about inspiring teenage girls to be themselves, etc., etc., etc. It's nice to see her trying to do something helpful and taking some of Jessie Spano's characteristics into her own life. Hopefully none of these girls have seen her in Striptease! Yikes!

Friends Forever,
AC Slater


  1. another riveting post. keep 'em coming. can't wait to get my hands on the memoirs after you're done. sounds like some great holiday reads:)

  2. Oh, how are childhood stars have failed us.

  3. Wasn't Elizabeth Burkley (Jesse) a porn star??

  4. waaaaaaait a minute...I was under the impression that this blog was "real life as it relates to life bayside high..." so, are you trying to Tell Us Something? Some of your readers are Fretting.

  5. Yes, the blog does relate to real life, meaning, I read about the mentioned items in real life, and then I blogged about it. That's what I am trying to tell you all! No worries - I'm not getting into meth, or worse, mentoring high school students! :)

  6. i don't feel bad for Screech any more!