Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Who's Leon?

At the request of my cousin at our Thanksgiving shenanigans, I am going to include the show Home Improvement to the blog topics. The time period is a little later, but it's still a great show that always makes me laugh and it's my blog so I am including it.

One episode that my sister and I quote every holiday season recently came to mind. We were taking a pre-feast power walk on T-giving morning, and saw a neighbor had displayed five foot tall letters reading "NOEL". We immediately said to each other, "Who's Leon?"

Let me explain.

There is a terrific Christmas episode of Home Improvement. Mark dresses up as the letter 'N' in the church choir, spelling the word Noel. This interaction occurs between Al and Tim:

Al: I saw Mark in his costume. I always wanted to be the letter N.
Tim: That's impossible, Al. The song specifically says No Al.
[singing to the tune of Noel]
Tim: No Al, No Al, No Al, No Al.

Ha! Gets me every time.

When the boys line up in front of the church, they are backwards, spelling Leon. Al asks, "Who's Leon?" It doesn't sound as funny when I am writing it, but trust me, it is! You might also notice that the "L" in Noel also has appeared in episodes of Full House as Michelle's musical friend, Derek. More connections!

But my favorite part of all is when Tim tells his oldest son Brad, who would rather hang out with his friends on Christmas, "Christmas isn't about being with people you like, it's about being with family!"

You can see a clip of this episode, with all of the great stuff mentioned above here (there is a short intro before it starts).

Friends Forever,
AC Slater

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  1. I like the home improvement addition! I remember the episode well.