Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Special Delivery

A few weekends ago I logged on to Facebook to see my dear friend, Melissa, had announced the birth of her daughter. Her post also stated that her baby girl was delivered by her husband and mother-in-law on the bathroom floor of her home! (this was not on purpose). Oh mylanta! Thankfully, everyone is doing great, and I did get permission from Melissa to talk about this on the blog.

After my initial shock from the news, I could only think about Mrs. Belding's surprise delivery in the elevator at Bayside High. You see, Bayside principal Richard "Dick" Belding and wife Becky are expecting their first child. The gang graciously throws them a baby shower at school where they shower them with practical gifts like a Bayside football jersey and soap on a rope. After said shower, Zack and Tori (yes, Tori - more on her here) take Mrs. B on the elevator. Surprise! Just at that moment and earthquake occurs and the elevator gets stuck. And what would you know, Mrs. B goes into labor right then and there! Zack remains calm while Tori panics due to her earthquake phobia. With Tori being worthless, Zack has no choice but to deliver the spawn of Belding. Just as soon as the baby arrives the power returns and the elevator doors open to the awaiting crowd. Thank goodness they had the football jersey to wrap up the baby. And why was the elevator completely spotless afterward? Mysterious. So Mr. Belding's child would be about 21 years old now. Wonder what he's up to.

So anyhow, this is yet another example of how life relates to Saved by the Bell. I gotta tell ya, I never thought that I would be able to relate to this episode, but here it is. And the kicker of it all, Melissa's husband who delivered her baby....his name is Zack!!! I kid you not. Read about Zack and Melissa's amazing story here.

Friends Forever,

AC Slater


  1. speaking of special delivery, hope you saw today's news!

  2. Of course I saw, it's actually yesterday's news :) I will be posting my take shortly!