Thursday, September 17, 2009

Gem Diamond

A funny thing happened to me the other day. I dropped my car off for a brake inspection at a well known national franchise brake repair shop. After they called me with the diagnosis and the $280 estimate, I said I would think about it and I went to pick my car up. As I am getting my keys back, the employee behind the counter takes a shady glance around and then leans in and tells me in a hushed voice that he can fix my brakes for $100 and slips me a paper with his name and number. Sketchy!

As I drove away it reminding me of the SBTB class ring episode (1992). This is one of the "Tori" episodes.

**Side note - ever notice how they all graduate, then magically they are back in high school for a few episodes where Kelly and Jesse are missing and Tori is there? I think Peter Engel tried to pull a fast one on us. For SBTB fans, this is known as "The Tori Paradox".**

Anyway, Zack once again screws things up by buying the class rings from a cheeseball in a puce colored suit named Gem Diamond. The cheap and fake rings turn everyone's fingers green. But boy do those kids get revenge on old Gem. They convince Screech to dress up as a ninja and scare him off. Works every time.

If I do decide to call my shady car buddy, I will definitely be bringing Ninja Screech with me.

Friends Forever,
AC Slater

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