Wednesday, August 25, 2010

SBTB: The Game

I had the pleasure of spending last weekend at a friend's cottage near the shores of beautiful Lake Michigan (Pure Michigan, anyone?). Much to my delight, stumbled across this little gem:

Saved by the Bell: The Game. Hours of entertainment

After dusting off the cover, instead of playing the actual game, we collected all the trivia questions and my friends quizzed me, rapid fire style. Either they were impressed or thought I was a complete loser, because I was able to answer almost every question without thinking. I did, however, find a few questions where the answers on the card were incorrect! I am half tempted to write the company and let them know of their errors, but something tells me it's too late. For example, one such question read, "What was Zack's S.A.T. score?" The card told us the answer was 1500, when everyone knows that in reality Zack scored a 1502. I mean, come on!

The game also included dreamy photos of all the characters, fun facts about the actors, and even love notes from Zack and Slater. Why was this my first time playing this game?

Friends Forever,
AC Slater

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  1. ya, i was pretty shocked that a "regular" fan like you had never played...yet you did so well? hmmmmm