Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Car Wars

So I know I am supposed to be focusing on Saved by the Bell (SBTB from here on forward), but I was recently reminded of a Family Matters episode called "Car Wars" (1993). You might remember this as the episode when Laura Winslow wants to buy a car. She goes to a skeazy used car lot and finda that the salesman is trying to rip her off, just because she is a girl. The nerve! Laura decides to do an experiment. She disguises herself as a man (not very convincingly) and has Steve Urkel, who we all know is oh so manly, give her lessons on how to walk and talk like a man. What do you know; the salesman give her a better deal as a guy!

Check out a excerpt from this (hilarious) episode here.

Anyways, I was stopping in at a few dealerships last week to get some info and I thought of this episode. What if I tried the same experiment? Went in as myself, then later came in dressed and a man and then compared the info I was given. I wonder how much gender roles have changed since 1993. I'll let you know.

Friends Forever!

AC Slater

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  1. I bet if the salesperson was a woman and "Stefan Urquelle" showed up, he would have gotten the car for free. DAMN that Stefan was sexy.