Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The serious stuff

My friend was telling me about a funny (maybe not funny haha) thing that happened in her kickboxing class. Apparently there was a very thin looking woman in the class that my friend immediately pegged as obsessive about working out - almost to the point of being a problem. It became comical though when the woman began doing every move in the class double time and then during the water break, started running laps around the room instead of replenishing her fluids like everyone else. Just picturing this made me chuckle, but also sad for this woman who might need help.

This reminded me of a Full House episode entitled "Shape Up". The quirky neighbor girl and DJ's bff, Kimmy Gibler, is throwing herself a surprise pool party (and it's a boy/girl party!) DJ is horrified at the thought of wearing a swimsuit in front of her peers. She decides to crash diet. She tapes magazine cutouts of models on the fridge and eats ice Popsicles as treats. Then the whole Tanner clan decides to take a trip to the gym. DJ gets on a machine and starts sweating it out. (In the meantime, the guys go to an aerobic class - too funny. Watch this episode for some great 90s leotards. PS - why did women wear thong leotards with tights underneath - comfortable? Very doubtful). Back to DJ. She passes out on the eliptical because she hasn't been eating. Cue sappy music, it's time for a life lesson. Aunt Becky teaches her that losing weight and feeling good about yourself doesn't mean starving. The episode ends with the signature hug.

You can watch a clip of this heartfelt episode here.

Why don't we have shows with lessons anymore? Is there a current show that seriously ends each episode with the background music and the lesson learned? The only one I can think of is the reality show "Run's House" on MTV. Reverand Run (Joseph Simmons of Run DMC) sits in a bubble bath and types up/narrates his life lesson on his Blackberry at the end of each episode. Is the Simmons family the modern day Tanners?

Friends Forever,

AC Slater


  1. way back in the day before Light was invented, life lessons were offered up on the Brady Bunch. The music played in the very beginning foreshadowed the kind of episode it was going to be...only much later did we find out what Mr. Brady meant when he said..."Greg, can you come and help me in the garage..."

  2. Rev. Run...hahaha. Why isn't it awk for america to watch this man in the tub?!

  3. No kidding - it's not awkward at all! And his lessons are pretty good too. I am always impressed with his parenting skills!

  4. um...what about carry bradshaw?! come on now. those were some serious life lessons.

  5. I absolutely love this episode hahaha. I just love the outfit michelle wears. But you're right about those life lessons and the serious lesson learning music at the end of the episode. Can't beat FH!!

  6. Joy - how could I forget about Carrie B? I often have the urge to end my posts with "I couldn't help but wonder..."

    Emily - Yes, it's a great episode, and although I don't love Michelle and her little catchphrases, she does look cute in this episode in her workout gear!